F.A.Q - Photo Collage

1) How do I upload and send the photos ?

Uploading your digital photos is done online using the website wetransfer.com

After you purchase your desired product we will automatically email you the full instructions.

If for any reason this method doesn't work then you can always email them. 

2) How many photos I can use for my collage ?

It mainly depends on the type of collage and size. For a Standard Collage we recommend 100 as the maximum for a 20x40, 70 for a canvas size of 20x30, 50 for 16x24 / 20x20, 35 for 16x16.

The more photos you have, the less quality is required from each photo, since it won't be blown up at all. On the other hand, too many photos results in some being too small to make out faces and other details. If most of the photos are of large groups of people then you would need to severely cut down the number of photos as these photos will need to be fairly large to appreciate. 

Note: We print at super high resolutions whenever we can, aiming for 600 dpi / 600ppi as a minimum, double the standard of the canvas printing industry. We do achieve a great deal of detail in a small space.

3) I need it done very quickly is this possible ?

Yes. Expedited shipping allows  for a turnaround of 3-5 days

4) Does the collage come stretched, framed and ready to hang ?

Yes. The canvas print is first varnished then stretched on a pine frame. Our canvases come with a sawtooth hanger attached on the back. This gives a secure and accurate point to rest the canvas on a nail or screw. Canvases are fairly light, but not as light as some cheap canvases that use fir wood. We use quality sourced European Pine Frames. 

A 20x20 Inch Heart Shape Collage we made as an example to hang in our studio

5) Do you do gift vouchers ?

Yes, you can have this as an email or printed gift voucher at no extra charge. Its valid for 12 months. Just request it after checkout.

6) Can I use Facebook or camera phone pics, is the quality good enough ?

Yes and yes, since the photos in a collage won't be blown up too much then the quality doesn't need to be great. If the photo looks good on a phone or computer screen then its good enough.